When I ghostwrite a book, coach an author or just represent him or her as an agent, I'm always on the lookout for a bestseller, a book that has the potential to not only sell by the hundreds of thousands, but also has potential to make it to the big screen or a Netflix documentary. I make no apologies, if your story isn't good enough I don't want it.

The books and authors you see below are what I call my superstars, authors with huge potential and other books in their locker. I'm not looking for one hit wonders, it's all part of a long term plan, to turn them and their books into literary sensations. If you think you belong in Scotty's stable, give me a shout. 



Already a bestseller in several Amazon catergories, Shannon Clifton has waived her right to anonymity in this highly acclaimed, dark but deeply inspiring book. Raped by her father from age six and pregnant at eleven and again at thirteen, he kidnapped her and went on the run as the net eventually closed in around him. Shannon's story is not an easy read; she goes into graphic detail about her sexual, physical and mental abuse, which included being burned with an iron, hit with a hammer and even stabbed. Her father told her,"it was something all fathers do with their daughters," and for a time she believed him. Shannon wrote this book to start making sense of her childhood and is currently studying towards a degree in Forensic Psychology to help understand what makes people evil. "It was a painful journey," she explains, “but it was worth it because I want to help others who have been through similar experiences."


Jessica E Summers

 Another true story written in an autobiographical format and for obvious reasons Ms Summers writes under a pen name.

Jessica's twenty-three year marriage wasn't a happy one; her husband was cold and demanding and controlled everything she did. After a messy divorce she found herself free of the shackles she'd carried around since the day she had walked down the aisle. She discovered a new scene, designer clothing and make up and during nights out, for the first time in her life she actually began to like herself. After a passionate affair and a sexual awakening she discovered a desire for younger men. During a holiday, she met the man of her dreams; a handsome Swedish football agent and she fell hopelessly in love. He was everything she'd never had and he showered her with love, affection and a proposal of marriage. What Jessica didn't know was that her fiancé was wanted by Interpol, a con man who had fleeced countless women out of their life savings and he had selected his next victim. This is her tragic, yet at times uplifting and inspiring story written with an unbelievable optimism and humour that can only be admired.


Rachel  Kellett

Rachel Kellet is an inspiration to us all and her untitled book is nearing completion. She graduated from the 'Shit Start in Life School' and as a young teenager found herself trapped within the care system.

Neglected and unsupervised, she spiralled out of control, alcohol and drug abuse the path she found herself on and worse was to come. A frank and honest book from a youngster who was determined to climb out of the gutter and make a success of her life. A single parent to three young boys, her life evolves around "her three superheroes," and yet she still manages to hold down a full time job AND write a book at the same time. Respect is a word often overused... not in this case.

Jill Owens

Jill Owens has been tipped for big things, in the words of her new publisher, 'a natural writer, destined for the very top.'

In this, her first autobiographical book, she details her treatment at the hands of the Policemen at the top of her corrupt force, a 'big boys club', a force she had given seventeen years of her life to. Her story is unusual to say the least. She had passed her Sergeants exam, flying through the ranks and life couldn't be better. Well respected and efficient and then more good news, she was pregnant, everything her and her partner had dreamed of.  What could possibly go wrong?

A telephone call, a man in custody, an armed bank robbery and a shoot out with police. And then, as the caller continued, her whole world tipped upside down. The armed robber in custody was her partner. Surely there must be some mistake?


Karen Slater

Karen Slater is from Newcastle upon Tyne, her writing style is already being compared to Frank McCourt, (Angela's Ashes.) The first draft of the book is finished and she will be working on the rewrites with Ken Scott in March 2020, publishing date late summer. A brutally frank memoir of a young life with abusive parents and the consequences thereafter. 

Karen is a recovered alcoholic who now makes it her life's mission to tell her story to others in order to help and prevent people from walking her pathway.

Debbie Twelves

Based on her own true story, Debbie Twelves takes the reader through a tale which is stranger than fiction and at times, almost hard to believe.

Happily married for twenty years to a successful businessman, the dutiful wife opens an email one day, to a ludicrous claim by an alleged love rival. The mail states her husband is in a relationship with her and he has a daughter aged nine. It knocks the wind out of her sails but surely it can't be true. Worse news follows as the sender casually drops in that her husband has another two 'wives' and more offspring and the jet-set lifestyle he has been living for years has been a complete sham. The scorned woman turns amateur sleuth and finds that the claims are correct. A bitter divorce, a bankruptcy and the ultimate revenge follows. 

Publisher has estimated publishing in the Autumn of 2020.


B.P. Kennedy


It was a joy to work with B.P. Kennedy during the course of 2018. As a great fan of John Grisham I am intrigued by the minefield of the sometimes unfair legal system and in particular the games that Lawyers and Barristers play on a daily basis. It was a real pleasure to jump into the courtroom with this lady who took on the establishment single handed after a disastrous experience with her  unscrupulous lawyer. As always, a story has to tick all the boxes and the first thing I do with all potential books is to ask my subject to relay their story. I sat captivated as Ms Kennedy told her heartbreaking tale of an idyllic family life, discovering her husbands affair and a betrayal as he walked out on his family after twenty three years of marriage. She was pitched into a legal fight that she wanted no part of and then discovered her husband's hidden millions. There was light at the end of the tunnel, after all she was relying on good old fashioned British justice and surely nothing could go wrong? She didn't want the earth, didn't want to take her husband 'to the cleaners,' she just wanted an equal share of the enormous wealth he had built up during their long marriage. But in court his lawyers and barristers schemed, plotted and lied throughout. Initially Ms Kennedy wasn't over worried. Surely the experienced, long standing and well respected Judge would see through their smokescreen. The book was published in 2018 and I am proud to announce that Ms Kennedy enjoyed the experience so much she started book two at the end of last year.