Bonnier Books Secures Chinese Foreign Rights sale

Hot off the press, Ken Scott's ghostwritten memoir, 'Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell?' has been sold to China, to be translated into the Chinese language. The most recent foreign rights deal means that the book has now been translated into ten different languages worldwide.


Please share this post with anyone who is committed and /or daft enough to want to spend a month walking the Camino de Santiago while writing their book. I am the ghostwriter Ken Scott and next year I would like to walk the Camino de Santiago while working on your book. It will be a tall order and you'll need commitment and discipline. You'll also need to be fit as we will be walking around 20km each day for a month. We will spend the month talking and writing, planning you book, laying out the chapters, committing around 40,000 words to paper (laptop) and working to the goal of completing as much as we can of the first draft. We will also drink a little beer and wine. After the month on the Camino, I will need another two months preparing the draft for publishing. Your book will be published. We can write your book about your journey on the Camino, or whatever is lodged in your head, it's your choice, it's your time and your money.
We will be staying in small hotels and hostels with private rooms, I don't want to sleep in a dormitory with fifty men who snore and fart. I insist on meeting all applicants prior to signing an agreement, I don't want to spend a month with someone I don't like. 


All you need is the desire, a small laptop and some decent walking books.

Oh yes, and you need a sense of humour and a strong character.

No doubt there will be times along 'The Way', where you'll think it

wasn't such a good idea and you will want to quit.

That isn't going to happen. I will be your guide, your writing mentor,

your personal trainer and your motivator. I am prepared to offer a 50%

discount on my normal ghostwriting fee, however you will also need to

cover the expenses.

So, if you've always wanted to write that book AND you've also wanted

to walk the Camino, now is your chance. Message me.












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