Scotty has been very active in the field of historical memoirs of POWs from WWII, since his bestselling book based on the true story of Horace Greasley, DO THE BIRDS STILL SING IN HELL? The book was a Sunday Times top ten best seller in 2010 and again in 2019 and a movie was optioned by Bernie Goldmann in Hollywood. The book has sold over 100,000 copies to date and has been translated into over a dozen different languages including Chinese.

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Ken Scott was asked to 'ghost' Lise Kristensen's story several years ago. Lise's story was described in the media as 'the next Anne Frank' and quickly snapped up for a five figure advance by highly respected publisher Pan Macmillan. The book is a unique and heartbreaking memoir of a child's imprisonment in a Japanese POW camp during World War II.

On the island of Java, the stirrings of the Second World War in Europe and the angry-looking man called Hitler seem a million miles away from Norwegian-born Lise and her siblings. Then one day, her friends and neighbours start to disappear, and she begins to realise that they are not safe after all. Through ten-year-old eyes, Lise with the help of Ken Scott, tells of her family's two-year imprisonment in POW camps and the brutal treatment received at the hands of their Japanese captors. For respite from the rat-infested floor of their shelter they adopt a blue door, which sits on concrete posts in the ground. They live on it during the day as young Lise plots ways to protect her family from disease, starvation and the desperate behaviour of fellow prisoners. This is a little girl's heartbreaking tale of survival.

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Published by Fortis Publishing March 2021.

As a child Don Woods found his father’s war diaries hidden away in the bottom draw of his office desk. The writings were difficult to read but fascinated the young boy and he wondered how it was possible to write and keep them while incarcerated at the hands of the Nazis. Long after his death in 1959, his mother on an old typewriter attempted many times to transcribe his diaries. Her pages were full of mistakes and pen corrections and eventually she gave up, the task proving beyond her. When she eventually handed the diaries over to her son for safekeeping, he took it upon himself to complete the task and then buried the type written pages in the bottom draw of his own office desk. In 2019 Don Woods sent the diaries to Ken Scott, "to see if they would make a decent book."

Scotty was bowled over by the content and the attention to detail and began working on them straight away. The result is SOLDIER, PRISONER, HUNTER GATHERER, the story of Kiwi Horrie Woods and his incredible experiences during the bloodiest conflict in human history.


The Psychiatrist, a work in progress by Ken Scott and John West, is due for completion Summer 2021.

Based on a true story, the book tracks Eric West's life as a young man in the suburbs of  London and his enrolment as a soldier in 140 (5th London) Regiment, Royal Artillery, a Territorial unit. The book tracks his training and deployment at the beginning of WWII. At Cassel in Northern France, the breakout resulted in the death or capture of most of the men in its ranks.  A very small number successfully escaped to Dunkirk, but not Eric who after a torturous journey where many of his colleagues died, found himself incarcerated in the notorious Lamsdorf VIIIB POW camp and was then posted to the E72 coal mine where he became the camp interpreter.

Post war, the book continues and gives an insight to Eric's career as a psychiatrist, a profession no doubt carved out during those five years of captivity where Eric watched and studied men who were pushed to the very edge. Eric still has his demons and they need exorcised and he plans a trip into communist Poland,  to Lamsdorf and that hell hole of a mine where there are so many ghosts.

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Ken Scott has agreed to oversee a compilation book about individual stories from the Lamsdorf POW Camp and outlying work camps.

It has been proposed that this book should be produced as a hardback, with photographs. Each chapter should relate to a POW and be between 1000, and 5,000 words. Fortis Publishing require two photographs of the POW, one taken around the time of captivity and one in Civvy Street in later life. A biography is required for each 'author.' Files should be sent in a normal word document not a PDF and sent as an attachment. Font should be Times New Roman, 12, with 1.5 spacing.

Further details to follow.  

The publisher reserves the right to edit all submissions.


Ken Scott is always happy to hear about other POW stories. Please contact him directly.