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I am a ghostwriter and a book coach. The two disciplines are very different but the end game is the same, to get your story published mainstream, under worldwide distribution on Amazon and into the trade catalogues which filter into both major and independent book stores.

I require the subject to make themselves available for around 40 hours of face to face interview or Zoom video call,Whatsapp or Facetime. Alternatively I can work from diaries or comprehensive notes. 

I am looking for potential best sellers. If your story doesn't interest or excite me I reserve the right to decline the project.


If we agree to work together on a one to one book coaching roll, it will be the student who completes the majority of the writing. I will rewrite certain sections and offer comprehensive advice on chapter construction, character development, plot and description, all of the elements necessary in a good book, whether fiction or autobiographical. I will take a hands on roll in the rewrites of your book, the editing and publication, distribution, publicity and marketing.  

My coaching and ghost-writing fees are negotiable, no two commissions are the same.

Please email me direct for further information on the fee structure and potential royalties and commissions upon publication.

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