It’s been another active year in the Scott book world, probably the most active year to date and it shows no signs of letting up. This year, as well as ghost-writing and book coaching, I have added to my literary stable, THE SCOTT AGENCY and now represent nearly a dozen highly talented authors.

Seeing great books published, particularly by authors who have a message to tell the world, remains my greatest passion.

This year I introduced you to JESSICA HARRINGTON, the embodiment of proof, that if you want to rebuild your broken world, you need to lay the first brick and build from there.

I worked with Jessie during 2020 and the manuscript was accepted for publication and then passed on to the proof readers and editors of Fortis Publishing who polished it up some more and it was published in June 2021. Jessica’s application and commitment to getting her story out there has been admiral and she has done everything asked of her… and more.  A collective effort between publisher, agent and author has seen Jessica achieve bestseller status in several Amazon categories including Number 1 in CHILD ABUSE BIOGRAPHIES and even reached the top 100 in September 2021. Jessie is already nearing completion on book two, she is about to take the world by storm. Watch this space.

It’s a record book publishing year for me, with more than a dozen books published which wouldn’t have been possible but for my hard-working team which I hold dear to me, my proof readers, editors, copy editors and researchers, Joan Elliott, Nadia Koch, Steve Holmes, my overseer and sounding board and fellow author Reinette Visser.  

The publishers I currently work with also deserve a mention, Bonnier Books, Fortis Publishing, John Blake and Pan Macmillan not to mention a couple of film makers, Claudia Walker and Steve Barnett whose hands have been very much COVID handcuffed over the last two years. We have two great projects ongoing guys; I hope you are both able to get cracking in 2022. The world needs to see our stories on the big screen.

On the subject of film making, congratulations to my favourite Welsh lady, JILL OWENS, who got the official nod on the documentary movie of her book, Two Cops and a Robber. 2022 will be your year Jill, here’s hoping for huge success.

Some of my authors remain anonymous of course, some books I have been involved with I write under a client confidentiality agreement or a nom de plume. But of those I can mention, it’s been great working with Don Woods, Gary Henshaw, (ndp) John West, Mark Graham, Caroline Walker, (ndp) Roxanne Currie and Will Rowlands and not least Debbie Twelves who has just had book two published, GHOST OF A STRANGER, the follow up to her highly acclaimed debut, TWENTY YEARS A STRANGER.

My ongoing projects with Mike and Liam Byrne will continue through 2022 and hopefully beyond. Thanks to Damien Lewis (SAS Band of Brothers,) for passing this one over, the greatest father and son team since Donald and Kiefer. Watch out for Liam, the next Ranulph Fiennes. (Not you Mike, you’re too old!)

And looking ahead to 2022 and works in progress, Ian Hearne and RACHEL WALMSELY, two incredible books but a big foot up the arse needed. C’mon guys, the world needs your book out there. The ball is in your court, I am here when you need me.

And also, to Brian Murphy, Lurata Lyon and Eric Ienco too. Publish 2022, that’s your target, speak soon.  

WWII and especially the POWs of that bitter conflict, remains my greatest interest area. I am very proud of the fact that I have been involved in the writing and publication of four books on that subject, three of which have featured Allied prisoners of Lamsdorf, Stalag VIIIB. It gave me great pleasure to finally make the trip to Poland and the Czech Republic in December of this year to visit Lamsdorf and some of the working camps. I travelled with John West after completion of his father’s story, THE PSYCHIATRIST. It was also a great pleasure to meet up with Roman Janus, the curator of the museum at Ceska Vez. I have helped pull together a compilation book of stories from former POWS called Heroes of Lamsdorf, which will be published by Fortis Publishing in the next couple of months.

And finally if you are thinking about writing that book, but you feel under a little pressure with that full time job you have. I’ll give you a tip. Stop watching television. 

As always, I’m here for the brave who have a story to tell and remember,

if you want something done, ask a busy man.



"Saxon has a special talent... he finds people."