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I am an author, ghost-writer, agent and a book coach and have written or

collaborated on over 45 books, of which several have reached The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller List. My books are translated into more than a dozen languages. I have held the number one best seller spot on Amazon with six of my ghost-written books.


My main work is ghostwriting but I also help and coach the would be writer/author on a one-to-one basis. We take it a chapter at a time and I act as their mentor while we work face-to-face or on Skype. The process takes around six months and if my student has followed my guidelines then he or she will have a completed book to show for their efforts. They will also have a publishing agreement.

I can also ghostwrite a book based on the subject's notes or their own written version of the story. The process can take as little as six weeks but most projects run for around six to ten months.








An exceptional read based on a true story, worthy of a spot in the top ten.

The Sunday Times


An incredible account, surely one of the most honest autobiographies ever written.

One for the short list.

William Hill Sports Biography of the Year

Superbly written by a patient and understanding ghostwriter.

Leicester Mercury

Thanks to Scotty for his never ending support and encouragement.

Deborah Twelves, author of Twenty Years a Stranger and Ghost of a Stranger

I can't speak highly enough of Ken, an all round nice bloke who mentored me on my book and held my hand every step of the way.

Jill Owens, author of Two Cops and a Robber, recently optioned for Amazon Prime

Scotty was my rock, there are no other words.

Karen Slater, author of the highly acclaimed, My Journey Through Hell.

Great mentor, awesome writing coach. I couldn't have done it without you.

Daz Tait, author of the bestselling trilogy, The World's My Oyster

I never thought I could do it, thank you for believing in me and helping to get my story  published.

Shannon Clifton, author of the best selling, The Monster I Loved

Without Scotty's constant support and inspiration, our adventure together would never have happened and I would have still been sitting here with an unfinished project.

John West, author of The Psychiatrist

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