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Lenny Saxon

He has a special skill
he finds people.

Lenny Saxon News

The third book in the Lenny Saxon series is now in editing, due to be published by Fortis Publishing in the summer of 2024. Saxon is in Norway looking for a runaway teenager and believes she has been swept up in a religious Lutheran sect. His investigations lead to the island of Lovund.

The Saxon books are with a major London Studio, an Amazon Prime series in early production stages.  

The Lenny Saxon Books

Death on the Haute Route

Death on the Haute Route

A Dangerous Way

A Dangerous Way

During his last few years in the Royal Marines, Lenny Saxon was based in England, finding former colleagues who for one reason or another disappeared off the radar. That is his speciality... he finds people.

Now retired and enjoying a cycle trip in Europe, he gets a call from his old Sergeant Major.

Someone else has gone missing, in the Swiss Alps. But this disappearance is a little different. As Saxon digs deeper he uncovers some worrying statistics, a pattern that suggests there may be someone targeting lone hikers.

But he has his work cut out, the police department in Zermatt are being obstructive, he suspects a cover up on an unimaginable scale.

Saxon will not give up easily despite the hurdles placed in his way.

The clues are there, but they are buried in the snow, 3,000 metres up, on some of the highest mountains in Europe.

In his last few years in the Royal Marines, Saxon was based in the UK, finding former colleagues who for one reason or another disappeared off the radar.

That’s his speciality – he finds people.

Sax is off on his travels once more, on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, a long-distance pilgrim's footpath known as The Way of St James.

He has a chance meeting with an Irish girl and a priest in the Basque Country, in the foothills of the Pyrenees and within a few days the girl has been reported missing.

Saxon enlists the help of his old Bootneck mate, Dave Valentine and they discover a link to a Nigerian sex trafficking gang, who the Spanish Guardia busted wide open just a few years prior.

Is it possible that some of the gang escaped justice and are now operational again?


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Saxon is in Norway on the trail of a teenage runaway caught up in a religious sect. His investigations lead him to Lovund, a windswept island in the middle of the Atlantic, but all is not what it seems. Nora claims she can leave whenever she wants, but Saxon isn't so sure. There's another person on the way to the island, the mass killer and terrorist Amund Weiss who is ready to embrace his Norwegian "Alcatraz," and schemes to revive the abhorrent legacy of the WWII Lebensborn Projects. He champions a twisted vision of a blond-haired, blue-eyed master race and Nora is very much part of his breeding plans. 

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