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Scotty's Thrillers

In 2022, Scott introduced the character of Lenny Saxon, an ex Royal Marine Commando who 'finds people.'

For a long time, Scotty has been a fan of Lee Child and his protagonist, Jack Reacher. He makes no apologies that 'Reacher' has influenced him a little, but Saxon had to be British. He also introduced his Dr Watson, Saxon's sidekick Davey Valentine. 

Also an ex Commando, Vala served with Saxon, but since leaving the Marines, has had his troubles, flirting with homelessness and alcoholism.

Saxon found and rescued him from the gutter, gave him back his self esteem and a belief in himself again.

A computer genius with a special talent, Valentine hacks into computers and CCTV footage, he spies on people via cyberspace.  

Saxon runs everything past Valentine, he's his confidant and he couldn't think of a better man to have his back. They are a match made in heaven even though at times it can get a little messy.  

In book one, Death on the Haute Route, Saxon is retired and enjoying a cycle trip in Europe when he gets a call from his old Sergeant Major.

Someone has gone missing in the Swiss Alps, but this disappearance is a little different. As Saxon digs deeper he uncovers some worrying statistics, a pattern that suggests there may be someone targeting lone hikers.

But he has his work cut out, the police department in Zermatt are being obstructive, he suspects a cover up on an unimaginable scale.

Saxon will not give up easily despite the hurdles placed in his way.

The clues are there, but they are buried in the snow, 3,000 metres up, on some of the highest mountains in Europe.

Death on the Haute Route
A Dangerous Way

The former Royal Marine is back on the road, cycling the famous pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago, made famous in Emilio Estevez's classic movie 'The Way,' starring Michael Sheen.

Saxon is cycling from northern France, through Bordeaux and over the Pyrenees and to Santiago de Compostella. He meets a young Irish girl on route and a priest hiking from Rome. He takes a phone call from the Captain of the Guardia Civil in Galicia. The girl has gone missing and the Captain wants to know about those last messages, sent to Saxon's phone. 

Saxon finds himself in a situation he cannot control, mixed up with a Nigerian sex trafficking gang, the IRA and a corrupt police force that wants to frame him or failing that, kill him.

A brotherhood sect predating the Freemasons who historians claim, plagiarised the ideologies and the ceremonies of the secretive ‘Keepers’ of Holy Island.
The brothers take their role seriously, nobody stands in their way as they act as judge, jury and executioners and the body count of the ‘undesirables’ has increased in recent times. Ashley Clarke’s best friend is missing, his last known whereabouts points to Holy Island and the ex-policeman decides to investigate.
He crosses the causeway on a bleak, stormy evening and the locals close rank, denying that his friend has ever set foot on their hallowed island. As the sea sweeps in across the causeway he is cut off from the mainland. He is on his own and he’s never felt so isolated in his entire life.

Keepers of the Causeway
A Million Would Be Nice

Good looks, top job in the city, Ferrari, second and third homes in Paris and Cannes , not to mention a spacious penthouse overlooking the Thames. Yes, it seemed Donavan Smith had it all. And the girls. ready and willing. And if, every now and again, they weren't so willing, Donavan had his own way of persuading them. Jenny McArthur was different though. She knew something terrible had occurred during a ten-hour period of her life that was a total blank. But, as it all gradually came back to her, she relived the horrors encountered at the hands of Donavan Smith. And she wanted to get even. Donavan would have to deal with her. Vicky Mackenzie harboured a secret, a secret that she hadn't disclosed to anyone. So why was she spilling the beans to a total stranger from London , a stranger who she'd only met that night? She told him all about her past life, the cold-blooded murder of her husband, the phoney bank raid and how the money was still out there somewhere. Donavan listened and wondered how he could get his hands on the money; wondered if it was possible to plan a premature retirement. It would get nasty, that was for sure. But why not? Donavan Smith had done nasty before, just ask Jenny McArthur. Donavan Smith and Vicky Mackenzie: two soul mates, two secrets; it was a match made in hell.

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